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Menu for June
June - July
Beef Medallions Forestiere
Tender beef medallions in Chef Max's perfect mushroom sauce. You'll feel like you're at a five-star steak house! (30 min or less) Stovetop.
Ziploc Bag -- We'll Provide.
Burritos Grande
Perfect for camping or for those times when you need to get dinner on the table fast. Six gigantic burritos, packed with beef, beans, cheese, sour cream & cilantro rice. Chicken option available. Individually wrapped. (25-35 min) Oven.
Ziploc Bag -- We'll Provide.
Father's Day Mixed Grill
A mix of new and old favorites -- 2 chicken breasts, 2 steaks & 4 premium bratwurst, all lightly seasoned and ready for the grill. (Half of each qty for select servings). No substitutions please. (30 min or less) Grill.
Ziploc Bag -- We'll Provide.
Adobe BBQ Whole Chicken
Juicy whole chicken in a barbeque sauce kicked up just a bit with adobe peppers. Perfect as a whole chicken, or shred it to make amazing burritos or sandwiches. (60 min+) Crockpot or oven.
Ziploc Bag -- We'll Provide.
Krab-Topped Whitefish
Mild whitefish topped with a delicious combination of krab, breadcrumbs, lemon juice and a few other seasonings. Very special! (30-40 min) Oven.
Ziploc Bag -- We'll Provide.
Delightfully Lite Chicken Salad
We’ve brought this dish back to help you with your entertaining. Tender chunks of chicken in a delightful salad; croissants included. A beautiful presentation. No cooking required. (5 min)
Ziploc Bag -- We'll Provide.
Pork Chops w/ Creamy Dijon Sauce
A restaurant-quality dish. Boneless chops in a light marinade, drizzled with a creamy Dijon sauce. Simple & elegant. (30 min or less) Oven & stovetop.
Ziploc Bag -- We'll Provide.
Old Fashioned Apple & Blueberry Cobbler
This dessert will take you right back to your memories of a summer visit to Grandma's house. Tart apples and ripe blueberries with struessel topping. Vanilla ice cream included. (60 min) Oven.
Baking Dish -- We'll Provide.
Classic Italian Stromboli
Our signature stromboli – Italian meats and cheeses, spiraled inside pizza dough. Works well as an appetizer or quick main dish. (30 min or less) Oven.
Ziploc Bag -- We'll Provide.
Hearty Breakfast Burritos
Perfect when you need breakfast on the go. Eggs, cheese, hash browns & sausage, all wrapped inside flour tortillas. (30-45 min) Oven or microwave.
Ziploc Bag -- We'll Provide.
Shrimp & Scallop Packets
Black beans, corn and fresh cilantro mix with sweet shrimp and tender scallops to make a healthy and low-fat meal everyone will love. (35-45 min) Grill or oven.
Ziploc Bag -- We'll Provide.
Shanghai Chicken Kabobs
Chicken tenders marinated in a sweet hoisin plum sauce, skewered with pineapple chunks and onions. Summer is here! (30 min or less) Grill.
Ziploc Bag -- We'll Provide.
Momma's Ravin' Ravioli
Loved by kids and adults alike, our delicious cheese ravioli. Topped with your choice of marinara, with optional sausage topping, this dish is sure to please. (35-45 min) Oven.
Baking Dish -- We'll Provide.
Strawberry Almond Chicken
Moist chicken breasts coated in crushed almonds, topped with a strawberry/rosemary glaze. Excellent! (30 min or less) Stovetop.
Ziploc Bag -- We'll Provide.