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Menu for February
February - March
Beef Burgundy Tips
A dish that's perfect for a winter's day. Tender beef tips in a creamy mushroom wine sauce. (60+ min) Crockpot.
Ziploc Bag -- We'll Provide.
Strawberry Almond Chicken
Moist chicken breasts coated in crushed almonds, topped with a strawberry/rosemary glaze. Excellent! (30 min or less) Stovetop.
Ziploc Bag -- We'll Provide.
Be Mine Turnovers
Flaky pastry dough filled with cherries & chocolate. Perfect to celebrate Valentine's Day. Absolutely Divine! Serve w/ included cherry ice cream. (30 min or less) Oven.
Ziploc Bag -- We'll Provide.
Key West Whitefish
A mild whitefish -- tender, flaky & seasoned just right with a combination of spices that will take you straight to “Margaritaville.” (30 min or less) Oven.
Ziploc Bag -- We'll Provide.
Herbed Whole Chicken
A whole chicken seasoned with a classic combination of herbs. Cook it in your crockpot (or in the oven) -- it will smell like Sunday dinner at Grandma's. (60+ min) Crockpot or oven.
Ziploc Bag -- We'll Provide.
Lip Smackin' Good Pork Chops
Bone-in pork chops in a sweet barbeque sauce. Mmm mmm good! (30 min or less) Grill.
Ziploc Bag -- We'll Provide.
Chili Lime Chicken Fajitas
Marinated chicken tenders combine with peppers, onions and a chili-lime sauce for a classic dish with a little kick. You control the spice. Tortillas included. (30 min or less) Stovetop.
Ziploc Bag -- We'll Provide.
Pepperoni Calzones
A family favorite – perfect for a quick dinner any day of the week. (30 min or less) Oven.
Ziploc Bag -- We'll Provide.
Chipotle Lime Steak
Tender steak marinates in lime juice, smoky chipotle peppers and a few other special ingredients. A chipotle cream sauce provides a hint of decadence! (30 min or less) Grill & stovetop.
Ziploc Bag -- We'll Provide.
Mexican Lasagna
Head south of the border with this great dish. Chicken, mild green chilies and special spices give this lasagna a Mexican flair. (60+ min) Oven.
Baking Dish – We’ll Provide.
Salmon w/ Creamy Dill Sauce
Mild and tender salmon fillets, topped with a slightly extravagant cream sauce. Incredibly simple; incredibly delicious. Gluten-free. (30-35 min) Oven.
Ziploc bag -- We'll Provide
Classic Minestrone
This minestrone is, by far, the best we’ve ever tasted. Italian sausage, tomatoes, and a generous mixture of other vegetables, seasonings and pasta combine for a hearty soup your whole family will enjoy. Mangia! (45 min) Stovetop.
Ziploc Bag -- We'll Provide
Tuscan Layered Chicken
This dish smells as wonderful as it tastes. Chicken breasts are layered on top of white beans, red onion & spices, all topped off with marinara & spinach. Perfect for a chilly night. (60+ min) Crockpot.
Ziploc Bag – We’ll Provide.
Palermo Pasta
This all-in-one dish will take your taste buds straight to Italy. Italian sausage, northern beans, spinach and a host of other ingredients mix with pasta for a quick & hearty dinner. (30 min or less) Stovetop.
Ziploc Bag -- We'll Provide.