Dinner is a test, but you have all the answers.
Why I.Qlinary
Here’s a little quiz that may help you with your decision. Answer “agree” or “disagree”; scoring is at the end.

  • Question: I enjoy making at least two sets of meals every night – you know, one for the adults and another for the kids. Everyone knows that kids won’t eat food that appeals to adults.

  • Question: Once I get my meals home, I want the "cooking part" to be really complex. What’s the fun of cooking if you don’t have to do at least five more steps once the meal is assembled?

  • Question: Dinner doesn’t have to taste great – all that matters is that I don’t have to spend hours preparing it.

  • Question: Great customer service really isn’t that important. Teenagers with attitudes need jobs too!

  • Question: Mom’s tuna fish casserole was always my favorite. I don’t need some fancy chefs designing my recipes.

  • Question: I love the thought of a messy kitchen – after all, a messy kitchen is a sign of creativity and love!

Mostly answered "agree": I.Qlinary might not be the right choice for you. Try fast food.

Fairly equal combination of "agree & disagree": Raise your standards. Give I.Qlinary a try – you don’t know what you’ve been missing!

Mostly answered "disagree": Oh, you’re already one of our loyal customers. You are so smart!